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It isn’t funny, that the US “stands for” things when it’s convenient and seemingly serves a purpose in supporting a policy decision. But at times like today, as is the case in HK, people are actively taking steps to use their voice to find recourse for their grievances through their government… the US is nowhere to be found.

This is that for which the US is support to stand.

Democracy is nothing if not that.

What individuals have grievances, in a democracy, there is a means to take it to that body, for their action. In that classic social contract sense, we sacrifice some, so that we gain more. If that fails, the social contract has failed – and the sense of a government has failed.

Insurgencies are born out of that very simple, core idea – grievances lack a means of redress. You can call it a democracy, a republic, a monarchy…. a socialist state. But for as long as it serves as a viable means to address grievances – the power isn’t stable and reliable, local officials are corrupt and unresponsive, the kerosene isn’t delivered in the winter – it represents the people. And the US generally supports these ideas and these forms of governments, to some extent.

HK isn’t that today. Not by a long shot.

Yet the administration is silent. The country is silent.

Why is that.